Privacy Policy

Accessing user data

FLPInventory is using the Google Drive API to make it easier to store files on Google Drive. FosterLove is a single client based website for a non-profit organization in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that focuses on providing clothing, and other support systems to foster kids across the Pittsburgh region. Our use of Google APIs with FLPInventory is subject to each API’s respective terms of service. See Google APIs Terms of Service for more information.

Accessing user data

FLPInventory accesses Google resources from the device where you use FLPInventory. Your machine communicates directly with the Google APIs. However, no data from your local machine is utilized when uploading to your Google Drive. The FLPInventory application never receives your data or the permission to access your data. The owners of the project can only see anonymous, aggregated information about usage of tokens obtained through its OAuth client, such as which APIs and endpoints are being used. The website does not collect, or locally store any data on any unauthorized machine. FLPInventory sends users to Google's Authorization Endpoint for authorization and does not directly access or collect user data.

Using user data

FLPInventory includes functions that you can execute in order to upload server-stored data - FLPInventory does not upload any data from your local machine. This can only happen after FLPInventory collects an authorization token, which is collected after you authenticate yourself as a specific Google user and authorize FLPInventory. The OAuth consent screen will describe the scope of what is being authorized. For FLPInventory, this authorization will only allow FLPInventory to view and manage Google Drive files and folders that you have opened or created with this app. There is no instance where the FLPInventory will automatically manipulate data or have an automated workflow. The user has full control of the data and the OAuth consent screen shows which user is logged into the account.


FLPInventory utilizes Scope from the Google Drive API v3 Scopes. This allows FLPInventory to view and manage Google Drive files and folders that you have opened or created with this app. See Google's Scopes for OAuth 2.0 for more information.

Sharing User Data

FLPInventory only communicates with Google APIs. No user data is shared with the owners of the FLPInventory or any other party.

Storing User Data

FLPInventory only stores access tokens and refresh tokens from Google Drive API until they expire. They are then deleted or replaced shortly thereafter. See Using OAuth 2.0 to Access Google APIs for more information on access and refresh tokens using Google APIs with OAuth 2.0.

Usage in other packages or Applications

Do not use an API Key or Client ID from the FLPInventory application in an external package or tool. See Google API Services User Data Policy for more information.


This document is based on Tidyverse's Privacy policy for packages that access Google APIs .